• Rani O'Brien

Wed Oct 24 4pm at Howl Arts

The Séance Moon: Improvised by Matt Dennie

The Full Moon Show: A Tom Murrin/Alien Comic Invention Curated by Rani O’Brien

séance noun

sé·ance | \ ˈsā-ˌän(t)s , -ˌäⁿs , sā-ˈ \

(French: “sitting”) in occultism, meeting centered on a medium (q.v.), who seeks to communicate with spirits.

After a stint in Living Theatre, Matt Dennie joins Howl! to facilitate the October Full Moon Séance. While the manic comic Tom Murrin conjured the Goddess Luna Macaroona at each full moon, in this fully improvised séance, Matt Dennie utilizes the help of the audience to conjure the dead. Live people ignore the strange and unusual, but who knows what kind of spirit Matt will conjure: Gozer the Traveler? Mary Plunkett? Patrick Swayze? Stuff your pockets with something for Luna Macaroona, just in case.

“The early 20th century séances and mediums seems laughably naive compared to the works of Matt Dennie.” —Carolyn Mary Angela Tina Marie the VI of The New York Times

“If you’ve got the spine, Matt Dennie’s seance brings the tingle.” —Malcolm Turnbull in the opinion section of the Canberra Long Form Harold

“I felt something.” —Matt’s girlfriend.

“I told him it was a waste of time.” —Besser.


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