La MaMa Umbria

Today I leave the country for the first time. I'm traveling to Umbria, Italy to participate in an International Symposium for Directors with La MaMa. I will be working with  Sergei Tcherkasski from the Russian School of Directing on Method of Action Analysis, Brett Bailey (a South African writer/director) on disorienting the audience, Mohammad B. Ghaffari on theater without the influence of T.V. and film, and Kok Heng Leun on directing inter-cultural work. I'm looking forward to this more than I can express. I hope to return with a fuller heart, mind and creative drive. I'm sure I'll pick up tools to use in all my work. And, well, the rest is unknowable.
How exciting. Ciao! 

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May 23, 2020

October 29, 2019

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