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Candidate Confessions - A 2016 Cabaret Opens at The Second City

After two months of writing, two months of rehearsals, the holidays, and one month of previews we have opened! The cast easily adapted to the cuts, reshapping, and rewrites thrown at them each week. We have had to add in characters as they popped up in the news. We've justified and reshaped entire songs and characters. The writers were given rewrite assignments after the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire election. They wrote jokes for the actors in mere minutes prompted by hurried emails from me. After getting a pulse on the audiences' reaction, entire songs were rewritten to allow for greater depth, character, and comedic point of view.

And, now that we're open, we're going to keep at it! I have my Politico text alerts on and the writers live Tweet debates @cabaret2016 on non-show nights. Throughout the haze of the Hillary haters and those Berning from desire of a revolution, I can relax and enjoy in the ridiculousness of it all by going to the cabaret every Thursday at 8pm until April 23rd! Get your tickets in advance here as they have been selling out!

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