Rani O'Brien (she/they) is a director, writer, producer, and educator who directs new plays and subversive tales. Originally from the Inland Northwest and now based in New York City, Rani is a second year MFA directing candidate at Boston University (‘23). BFA in acting from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. Alumni of The Second City Directing program. Rani has worked at The Second City, Boston University, The Lark, Pacific Symphony, McCarter Theatre Center, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Howl! Happening: an Arturo Vega Project, amongst others, and produces new works and ensemble developed plays.


Select Directing: Constellations (Boston University), Candidate Confessions (The Second City), R&J (adaptor, workshop production),  Modern Chalk Circle (head writer/dir., Eclectics Fest), A Midsummer Night’s DreamMachine (writer/dir Howl! Happening An Arturo Vega Project) and Disconnected Touch (Howl! Happening: an Arturo Vega Project). SDCF Observership Skylight (McCarter) dir. Emily Mann; asst. dir. to Nelson Eusebio on Agnus (Ise Lyfe/Matt Werner). Rani curated Full Moon Show in 2018 (Howl! Happening): Mad Jenny Show, Rebirth of Rabbit’s Foot, and Seance. 


SDC Associate. Staff positions: The Lark (2018-20) and The Vagrancy (2016-18).

director of new works & subversive tales