May 23, 2020

I've spent the last week directing The Peach Tree by Elijah Cox for Overcoming Isoloation: a virtual short play festival. Streaming tomorrow, Saturday May 23rd at 7:30pm. Featuring María del Mar Fernández González and Mona Moriya. This sweet ten minute play about queerness in quarantine will quench your quirky quixotic physical comedy loving heart.


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Or watch on Grand Rapids Television! 

February 7, 2020

We're deep in rehearsals for Modern Chalk Circle's work in progress production in conjunction with Artistic New Directions' Eclectics Festival. March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at 7:30pm at Theatre 54, Shetler Studios. Stay in the circle @modernchalkcircle on IG for updated information and ticketing link coming soon!

October 29, 2019

Morgan Sullivan and Nora Brigid Monahan played R and J in our October workshop of R&J. With a present audience and actors who were fully committed and ready to go down the rabbit hole that was my gender confronting surrealist adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, the workshop proved to be essential in the next steps of the script and fully realized production. Off to the writing desk for me!!

October 1, 2019

 Thanks to an invited audience for helping us on the first part of our public journey! We're on to our second draft and devising lyrics. 

August 30, 2019

An ensemble play devised and written by Nikomeh Anderson, Sophia Castuera, Sarah Harburg-Petrich, E.L. Hohn, Laura Menzie, Fenny Novyane and me, with additional material by Dana Stern+

Modern Chalk Circle; or, a Michael Coulter Conway story is an awesome dystopia. Set in a United States not far in the future, a woman just trying to get by finds herself stuck with a baby and a quest to answer the question: in dark times, are there good people?

Go to this page for information on THE PROCESS & CREATIVE TEAM 

Contact Rani for a special invitation.

July 31, 2019

Excited to join the Summer Salt Writer Retreat with AND Theatre company, Jeffrey Sweet, Kristine Niven, Janice Goldberg, & more!

April 14, 2019

My SDC Foundation Directing Observership with Emily Mann at McCarter started this week with a tight and bright artistic team and an extraordinary group of actors.

March 25, 2019


Apr 03, 2019 through Apr 14, 2019 Limited Engagement

A Bold New Play in a Bold New Genre - The Marriage of Script and Improv

Lights Out! explores the relationship between three women related by genetics but seemingly far apart in their approach to life. Set in a small town library, we look at the cultural phenomenon of the modern library within the context of the lives of these three women. One of our Without-a-Net plays, we have assembled 5 teams of actors and directors who separately rehearse the same scripted play. For each of 25 performances, 1 actor from each team is called to the theater to perform. Seven characters played by 5 intrepid actors, all performing Without-A-Net. And the audience is in on the game!

January 18, 2019

An ensemble of actors, musicians, writers and I are working to devise a new play inspired by Brecht's epic humanistic tale of the Caucasian Chalk Circle that's relevant to America today.

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