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New Play Development

New Works Director About

Rani supports new work in its infant stages, as it's written in the room, late in the rewrite process, being explored anew by the writer, or in its premiere production.  Rani employs critical response processes, improvisations, and text activation techniques in the rehearsal room in order to investigate and activate the playwright's play. Excited by a variety of forms, Rani is especially interested in stories of the queer experience and subversive tales.

Select Playwrights

A.A. Brenner, Amy Dellagiarino, Jay Eddy, Sarah Harburg-Petrich, J.C. Pankratz, Matthew Sievers, Various Young Playwrights from the Massachusetts Young Playwrights' Festival, & more available upon request.


"Detailed, eloquent, and insightful,

Rani knows just the right questions to ask in the room. Her ability to quickly get a show on its feet allows the work to live and breathe in all its dynamic fullness from day one." A.A. Brenner

“Rani has a gift for seeing into the heart of a story

and scene, and pulling out the key pieces that make it different. She challenges you as a writer to know your work inside and out, with specific questions and keen observation.” Sarah Harburg-Petrich

"Rani listens. I mean really listens. 

She hears other people's ideas and helps them realize their creations. I can't say how many times I've watched her spot a tiny ray of brilliance in the writing room or on the stage and make sure it grows wings." Joshua K. Willis

"Rani has a particular knack for fast-paced comedy

and has a unique eye for bringing out what's written on the page through imaginative (and often hysterical) physical life and stage business."  Amy Dellagiarino 

"Through improv techniques and care for the actor's take on a role, she creates a comfortable space for performers to show their strengths, then guides them into the most vital connection to their character.” 

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