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R & J

By Willam Shakespeare

Adaptation by Rani O'Brien

Rani O'Brien Produced Workshop

October 2019


In this deconstructed two hander R & J we explore what it means to be in relationship to gender, to each other, and to ourselves. As J's obsession boils to the point of stagnation, will they be able to live a life with or without R? Can R be everything J needs them to be? Is J just a reflection of R? And vice versa?


R & J looks at a monogamous relationship in a world in which strains of the patriarchy are left ingrained in interdependent behavior. Can they escape their own self judgement in order to live a happy life, or will death come knocking? 

As their relationship twists and turns upon itself, so does the narrative. The full play is played out once before J and R get called back to play it again, switching roles. Only this second time the plot starts to weave in different directions. Same story, but a different timeline. Following an infinite inner marital fight akin to Virginia Wolf, circumstances, feelings and perceptions loop. Will they escape or be forever holden to their game play?

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