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The Second City

Candidate Confessions:
A 2016 Cabaret

Candidate Confessions : A 2016 Cabaret

Story by Rani O'Brien

Story Concept by Marc Warzecha

Musical Direction and Composition by Dan Wessels

Written by Jose Acain, Julian Clark, Erin Coleman, Zane Grant, Katie Wilbert, Corey Wilburn, Josh Willis, Billy Zimmer & Rani O'Brien

The Second City



The Voice of America (VOA) covered the play. VOA is a dynamic multimedia broadcaster funded by the U.S. Government, broadcasts accurate, balanced, and comprehensive news and information to an international audience. 

Click here for the full coverage.

"The one thing I'd vote for again and again is 'Candidate Confessions - a 2016 Cabaret" Lee Wochner.
Click here for the full coverage.


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